The Reading Marathon Continues…Book 2 starts Friday, 11/16/18!

Join the fun:

We’ve had some amazing author takeovers and have more in our lineup. We’ll start reading book 2, Within the Darkest Hollows this Friday. It’s an amazing Paranormal Event and it’s not too late to join.

Here’s the upcoming takeover lineup:

11/18 – Nikki Jefford
11/25 – RL Weeks
11/27 – Jennifer Siddoway
12/2 – JL Clayton
12/4 – Kayla Krantz
12/11 – Tia Silverthorne Bach


Demon Hunters Reading Marathon Schedule! Starting 11/1

Join the Marathon here :

Read along with other readers, check in to interact with the author, play games, answer trivia, and enter some giveaways! We’ll also have some amazing paranormal author guests joining us throughout the event for takeovers!

B is for…

B is for….

Book Boyfriends. 
Mine is Evan Mathews from Rebecca Donovan’s Breathing Series.

“Emma, there was never a choice. I will always choose you. Always.”
 ~ Rebecca Donovan

When I read the books, I picture Evan to look like this picture of actor Chris Wood.
The series is an emotional rollercoaster about a girl who endures an abusive home life, but has an escape in her charismatic best friend and her loving and supportive boyfriend. It’s my favorite book series and worth a read.

Who is your Book Boyfriend/Girlfriend?