Cross Audiobook Releasing Soon – Q&A w/ Cross Vocal Actor & Cross Author 2/14!

I am over the moon with how the Cross audiobook has turned out and am excited that it will be releasing soon! In celebration, we’ll be doing a Q&A facebook live between me, D.A. Roach and the vocal actor for the audiobook, Jeff Olyarnyk on Valentine’s Day, 5pm EST! Look for more info to come and grab your copy of Cross (amazon kindle releasing 2/19, but some advance availability on other sites):

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By: D.A. Roach

The Epic New YA Fantasy, Full of Adventure, Magic, and Corruption

Imagine if you had a rare and life-threatening disorder that made your body so fragile that a collision in gym class could end your life. Consider how careful you’d have to live and the anxiety that would arise in different situations. Then one day, you were told to travel to a far away land that had been spelled away by a scornful witch – a land where magic, dragons, and corruption live… a land where magic might alter or perhaps even cure your disorder, even if just temporarily. Would you risk your own life to save others?

Welcome to Ray Cross’s world.

“To get the things you want in life, you need to step out of your comfort zone and take risks.”

Q&A Valentine’s Day FB Live with vocal actor, Jeff Olyarnyk and author, D.A. Roach 
5pm EST