Throwing rocks in the pond


If you throw a handful of rocks in the pond, you hope to make a few ripples.  I contacted 3 book agents about Rarity.  You pretty much give them a short blurb about yourself and your story and hope they ask for more.  I know I need to contact about 200 more because most authors get tons of rejects.  I’m not looking to sign on for life…I would just like a professional push for Rarity, especially since a large portion of the profits will be donated to vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome research.  The more money it makes, the bigger donation. It’s hard for me to try this new route of distribution…I want to release Rarity TODAY!  But if I am shopping book agents…I need to wait.  From what I read…most publishers don’t look at a book unless it’s presented to them by a book agent. 

In other exciting news, the library in my childhood hometown invited me and 11 other authors to speak on an author panel and sell our books at the library.  I was honored to receive this invitation and will be attending in October.  It’s strange going from “stay at home mom” to an author that presents to students occasionally and being invited to be on a panel.  Strange but exciting.