T is for…Tardy

T is for …Tardy
Van Halen Graffiti
This piece of graffiti (or street art) is from Van Halen’s Hot for Teacher song on their 1984 album. Great song. But honestly, the night got away from me and I fell asleep before posting. After getting kids to bed, husband and I settled in for a tv night (the first in a month…we both have been outrageously busy and needed some time together). So we put on the 3rd season of Hemlock Grove (Netflix series). It’s a pretty good series. The first series was very well done, the second was a bit too far stretched, but the 3rd is getting good. It’s a bit of a trippy paranormal story starring a werewolf gypsy and vampire (upir).  Happy Weekend everyone!
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Hemlock Grove cast
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Roman (Upir)