P is for…Procrastination

P is for…Procrastination
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I’ve been spot on with all my posts in this A to Z blogging challenge…except this one. I have two family members that are master procrastinators so I know all about this topic.
Reasons why people procrastinate:
-They desire to do it perfect
– They wait for more time to accomplish the task
– Fear of failing
– Poor time management/organizational skills
– Wanting to do something fun instead of the work needing to get done.

How to stop procrastinating:
– Make to-do lists
– If you need to take a break during your task, make it a brief break or avoid the break all together to keep the momentum going.
– Reward yourself for completing your task
– Make someone hold you accountable to help you stay on task
– Avoid distractions (email, phone calls, etc)
Put it into practice…
Image result for the procrastination funnyRecently my husband came home and said he had a horrible week at work. “I haven’t had a chance to get anything done. People keep scheduling meetings or coming in to ask questions.” I felt bad for my husband, he seemed to be drowning in work and not sure how to do anything but tread water. Here’s what we did: We made a list of 4 things that NEEDED to get done. He looked at his meetings for the next day and canceled one of them. He went into work early, turned off his phone, and instant messenger, and did not check email till 10AM. He checked in with me mid-day to let me know what he accomplished. And finally, he set up a reward at the end of the day.
“That was the BEST day ever.” He felt so accomplished at the end of the day and was able to finish the week with higher spirits.