F is for…Family/friends

F is for…Family/friends.

In my book, there is a big difference between the two. Family will ALWAYS be your family, no matter if you fight or have many miles and years between you…they will still be your family. With that being said, you can’t pick your family. Sure you might have some A+ family members, like Aunt Martha who will gladly knit you anything you ask or help in anyway she can. But you also get the D- family members, like Uncle Bobby who doesn’t show up to any family functions, and when he does he belittles the other adults in the room. And unfortunately, all too often, there are family members who put on a grand facade of being a perfect family. But upon closer inspection, you’ll see through the cracks in the facade to the crap that lies beneath.

Yes, fertilized by bullshit indeed!
But friends, on the other hand, are chosen and friendships can be lost. 
What makes a good friend?
-Someone who has your back
-Someone who makes you feel good about yourself
-Someone who doesn’t judge you
-Someone whose company you enjoy
-Someone who won’t put you down
-Someone who will help you when you face a tough situation
-Someone who will listen
-Someone who respects you

I also find it interesting that some people have many friends that they are close to, while others have just one or two. One theory behind why some choose one over the other depends on the economy and whether or not people move a lot. When the economy is good, people tend to move making the relationships more shallow but widespread. When the economy is bad, people tend to stay put and build stronger relationships with the people in close proximity to them. 
I’m the kind of person that has one or two close friends…a strong and deep relationship with them.
Do you have many good friends or a handful of best friends?