For the first time ever…Rarity free!

This weekend, Rarity is free to download on  Oct. 18-20, 3 days at the link above.  Share it, read it, review it.

This book was inspired by the brave people challenged with vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  It’s a fictional tale about a young man who finds he’s diagnosed with veds.  This rare collagen disorder makes his hollow organs and blood vessels extremely fragile.   But Rarity also explores what this disorder does to a relationship, to someone’s self-esteem.  Reader’s have stated that the characters are so vividly painted, it’s like looking into the lives of one of the real life patients.

This book was written to educate and raise awareness of veds to the public and give hope to those challenged with it.

Download Rarity and see what the beauty of courage and unconditional love.