On the fence

So new things are daunting because of the unknown.  I am mentally and emotionally debating whether to try to get a literary agent and try to get Rarity published the old fashioned way.  Doing this would give it greater exposure which I so desperately want…it’s a topic dear to my heart and raising awareness about it is essential.  BUT,  I have never gone down that path.  I have not pursued others…I’ve just created and put it out there for any and all to try.  What if no one wants it?  What if they want it and want more from me and I find myself stuck in contracts and facing timelines???  I’m envious of authors like Jessica Sorenson who seem to put out new stories every month.  It takes me a little while to settle upon something worth talking about, and some more time to let the story grow around those ideas.  Nothing fast here.  I guess it’s worth a try, and if all else fails I’ll pursue self-publishing as I have in the past.

Inconsequential is free for download 6/26/2014.

Trusting Strangers is free for download 6/26-27/2014
amzn.com/ B00AQB2S6W