I want to read your free Kindle book but don’t have a kindle!

I hear this all the time.  If you have a smart phone, or a computer (mac or pc)…keep reading!  You can get kindle for your device free and read any kindle book.

On smart phone go to your app store (google play, or itunes app store) and download kindle app. For the computer, you go to amazon.com and they have links for kindle for pc or mac, download the one you need.

Then open up the kindle app or program. Sign in with your amazon.com account info or if you don’t have an acct…create a username and password.  You can shop for kindle books, or download free ones.  If you get this far and want to download one of my books such as Rarity…search for Rarity Roach and you should see it.  Click on it, be sure price is $0.00 (2/14-15) so you get the deal on the promo days and click that you want to buy/download it.  That’s it.  Happy reading!