Happy Fall! Here’s a teaser from Bleeding Willows

I love fall, absolutely the best time of year in my book.  The trees are painted different colors, the air is crisp and cold – leaves you cuddling in your favorite sweater or blanket.  So to celebrate the First Day of Fall and the half way mark in my new MS Between the Bleeding Willows…here’s the last bit written from Chapter 12.  Where will we go from here????


“Thanks for everything Casper.  You’ve been amazing.  Oh, here’s your book back, I didn’t have time finish it.”
“No, keep it – you need to finish it, it’s a great story.”
“Are you sure? I hate for you not to have it.” He put the book in my hand and closed my fingers around it.
“I’m sure.” I leaned over the table and gave him a hug. We cleaned our plates and walked to the Center – he had his arm around me and I knew I would miss this feeling of closeness, would miss my friend Casper.
The Center was dim, lit with candles along the wall –peaceful. We entered the room and saw Jackson, Killian, Angeline, and Lena staggered along the room walls. Lena still looked pale and pained but it would probably be a few days before she perked up – if she was getting better.
“Step into the circle please.” Casper left my side and took a place along the wall.  There was a circle of white crystal powder, possibly salt, in front of Angeline. Angeline looked into my eyes, “Are you ready Cassidy?” She was so beautiful and powerful – I could feel her energy when I was this close to her.

She smiled and then dabbed her forefinger on an amber bottle and then rubbed woody scented oils in symbols on my arms and forehead. “Good, your energy is ready this time – we won’t be needing that Killian.” Killian set down the needle that they injected into my neck last time. “Now, close your eyes and lose yourself here.” She rubbed the center of my forehead. “Go where your mind takes you and let your body become feather light – carrying you on your journey.” I heard her voice, I saw darkness, my limbs disappeared from my body – light as a feather floating down, down…..down….