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What’s it like to be so tethered?  To be so wrapped in your parent’s strings that there is no free will?  Isn’t the job of a parent to raise their child so they can grow into independent successful adults?  I know it’s not to make them into marionettes. 

Shouldn’t they offer advice and allow the child to try and fail or try and succeed, then offer further suggestions…allowing them to learn problem solving and the disappointment of failure and the sweet glory of success?  But Perry is not allowed those freedoms.  Her decisions are made for her and when she does attempt an independent choice, she is met with verbal degradation, “you are ruining your life”  and “you’re so stupid”. 

#Tethered (Book 1 of J+P series) follows Perry as she starts her first year at college.  Her first year away from the always watchful eyes of her parents.  Away from their abuse. 

Perry has not had much opportunity to compare her upbringing to others, she just knows she feels trapped at home…caged…tethered. 

Her new friends have had very different home lives from her.  They call their parents when they are worried so they can get guidance on their decisions.  They call them to share the start of a new relationship.  But Perry knows better and would never do this. Each new thing she shares with her parents is an opportunity to tie a new string.  Will college be the beginning of her new freedom or will her parents continue to find ways to tether her?

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