I have not struck gold…at least not yet :)  BUT, I started writing my new book entitled Rarity.  Here’s the premise:  A teen girl living with her mom in a small town.  She’s not very popular, in fact she really only has one friend, but this is her choice.  You see, she has a gift of being very intune to others and can quickly tell if they are good natured or not.  Unfortunately, most are not.

Brogen is beginning her Junior year at Stanton High with her best bud Meg at her side.  The first day of school introduces 2 new students, one she has figured out immediately, the other, a guy named Jay, is a puzzle to her. 

Jay transferred to Stanton after his dad left for rehab.  After his mom passed away suddenly two years ago, his dad has struggled being a single parent while mourning the death of his wife.  Unfortunately he turned to the bottle to take the pain away. 

Jay has moved in with his aunt and uncle and favorite cousin, Soren while his dad works on getting better.  Despite the obstacles Jay has faced he is still one of the most charismatic and likable guys walking the planet.  He’d be a liar if he said his mom’s death and dad’s plunge into alcoholism didn’t bother him, but Jay has a great game face.   He had 15 years in a healthy, happy home.  15 years of encouragement, praise, comfort…no more. 

While adjusting to his new living arrangements, town, and school he’s feeling fortunate to have an attractable personality…easy to make friends and fit in. 

Brogen and Jay are thrown together through chance circumstances.  The proximity and interaction is driving Brogen’s curiosity about him through the roof.  She doesn’t let fake, pretentious, shallow people in, was he one of them or was he worth letting in?  Would he even look twice at her since his charm granted him access to any girl in any group?  Rarity is a story of how fate sets the course of your life.