Book 3, Beneath a Sinister Moon: $15 USD

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The premonition is clear. Demons are coming for Cassidy, and once her blood has been spilled humanity will be lost. Not only has Tyler been tasked with assassinating Cassidy, but killing her will be the last step he needs to take in order to become a full demon.
Killian knows this and vows to keep Cassidy safe, but not everything is as it seems. Figuring out who to trust, who to confide in isn’t easy. With so much at stake one wrong move could mean the end of the human world, causing Cassidy and Killian to lose everything…even each other.
With a war raging between two sides, Cassidy and Tyler find themselves at the heart of battle between good and evil. She wants to save Tyler. He wants to kill her. What will it take to restore the balance?
And will Cassidy be strong enough to make the ultimate sacrifice if it means saving the world?