A to Z Blogging Begins!

This month I am participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Each day I will blog about something beginning with a letter in the alphabet. Sundays are off so don’t look for the awesome posts then.
So to begin…our first letter is:

“A” is for…

I am a YA author who has published 2 books with Limitless Publishing. I self-published 4 books before an indie publisher (not Limitless) pursued me and my work. While I didn’t sign with that publisher, it got me thinking about trying my books at an indie publisher.

The pro’s of going with an indie publisher:
– meet lots of great authors
– support/advice from authors and editors
– facebook following grew from 200 followers (after 2 yrs) to 1300 followers (in 7 months)
– have an awesome street team
– have a PA who helps promote and looks for marketing opportunities
– kick butt covers (they pay for it)
– amazing editors (they pay for it)

The con’s of going with an indie publisher:
– the profits are shared with the publisher

Overall, it’s been a wonderful move for me career-wise and highly recommend self-pubbed authors to consider indie publishing. Now, if only I had a chance to compare self-publishing and indie publishing to publishing with one of the big 6 publishers!!!! HINT HINT!