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What makes Taylor Floyd tick?

In truth, my story is sad and cumbersome and not what people what to learn about. However, growing up, as I did, I had books as my comfort and curiosity and from that I had a wonderful exploration of imagination all to myself. I began writing my first book, novel length, when I was thirteen-ish. That book was not only a grand escape from reality, but also my first understanding of what it meant to find your purpose in life. I’ve always been an author. I had my first “story” published in the Young Authors Conference when I was eight. I was born a writer and always have been so. I feel very lucky with my writing process, I’ve always been able to create a story from beginning to end. Obviously, I’m not immune to writer’s block but I have an amazing group of writers that are close to me that stimulate me constantly. The dystopian fantasy series that I’m writing haunts me constantly. It’s the story my mind will never give up on until it’s finished.

My works in progress is a series (A Nightingale’s Tale), a stand-alone novel (The 23rd), and multiple scripts (The Missing), as of now. Any future projects are on hold until my current works are finished. Missing 411 is a huge part of my research for multiple stories. I read, and listen to podcasts or audiobooks constantly. Knowing other stories helps with my writing exponentially.

Today’s Midnight Oil Anthology Interview is with Freya LeCrow!

Q&A with Midnight Oil Anthology author, Freya LeCrow

  1. Inquiring minds want to know what makes you tick. Tell us about your life. My life pretty much revolves around my family.  I am a mother of three kids and it gets crazy at times. Late at night is writing time for me.
  2. What was your life like before you became a writer, and how did you get your start as an author? I don’t think I had a life before I became a writer.  I started writing at a very young age and kept writing. It is part of who I am.

  3. Tell us about your writing process. Are you a pantser, a plotter, or something else? Pantser, I have never been great about plotting and brain storming.  

  4. Do you have a favorite writing project or a book that still haunts your dreams that you would like to share? I can’t think of one.
  5. Tell us a little about your story in the Midnight Oil Anthology.  My story is about a young woman who walks into a gallery and find a painting of herself as a young girl, but the painting is 100 years old.  She later finds out from her father that the family is cursed.

  6. Do you have works in progress? I have a few, but not currently writing much.

  7. What are your plans for your next book? Shh it’s a secret, even to me.  LOL

  8. Do you have an especially interesting research experience to share? I just kind of run around like a chicken with my head cut off.  Though I do use goggle earth for the locations I have never been to.

  9. How to you stay in touch with your muse? I think mine got lost someplace, if you see her send her back.

  10. What do you think has contributed the most to your writing style? Reading!!!  I love to read and that has helped me to find my style.
  11. How can readers follow you online?




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