Donations that save lives

So 2013 delivered a huge hunk of bad news.  Someone very close to me was diagnosed with a rare collagen disorder, vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  This young child has 14% collagen in his body compared to the 100% the rest of us has.  His skin tears easily, he bruises easily, his future includes yearly echos, CTA flash scans every 3 years to look for aneurysms, heart medication daily to keep his blood pressure low, no contact sports or any exertion, no roller coasters, no surgeries that are not life saving…and the list goes on.  The average life expectancy is 48 yrs but some pass much sooner as their skin, blood vessels, and hollow organs have the consistency of wet toliet paper and can tear easily.

There are some amazing doctors and scientists who have recently found some potential treatments to strengthen their collagen and there are some amazing potential cures as well.  But they need donations to pay the scientists to work on this.  It is a rare cause, but if they have financial support, they can save thousands of lives now.  If you would like to help find a cure, please follow the link below and make a donation.  Thank you.

Before the holidays

As 2013 enters it’s final, but most exciting weeks, I find myself busier than ever.  Creating Christmas lists, shopping for gifts, crafting presents for loved one, and enjoying a good novel when I can. 
I am putting both books on promo free this weekend (Sunday and Monday) for any who want to read over the holiday weekend.  Third book is at the editors being worked on now!!!
Thanks for the love and support.  2013 had many ups and downs, and of course plenty of interesting events for a whole nother book (maybe for next year) 🙂  Happy Thanksgiving!
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Strangers no more

When people hear the story of Trusting Strangers they ask “Do you still keep in contact with those people?”

The answer is “yes”.  My mom speaks monthly to one of the main characters, and we travel to see her every year.  Some of the characters have passed on, but we kept in touch till their end.  Here are pictures from long ago, and current pictures.

Our 3 hospitable hosts and my parents

D.A. Roach at a young age
Our Tennessee Heroes and my dad

D.A. Roach, Soren, and Catherine